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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Help Stop Gun and Knife Crime

By Richard Adesoji
BTEC National Diploma in business  

Aren’t you all fed up about gun and knife crime in the United Kingdom mostly in London? If the answer to my question is no then I will automatically assume first of all that you are a self centred human being, secondly I would also presume that you have not had any friends or family that have been shot or stabbed to death. Maybe you are in an unpleasant situation because of either of those brutal weapons, thirdly you probably don’t have any friends or family in jail because they were caught with weapons in order to protect themselves or retaliate to a previous circumstance.

Well I have had a large amount of friends and family including my self that have being caught up in one or the other. At first it started as a lifestyle and now it is a nightmare. As we all should know there have been a number of deaths regarding guns and knife and in the environment I live in its beginning to become normal which I think is generally insane.

We have a lot of campaign going on which are trying to stop people from being victims. For example we have Trident who are focused on black on black crime. STOP is another campaign that is focused on gun and knife crime. This is run by Alexander Rose who focuses on giving speeches to young people against carrying a weapon. He also designs products with his logo STOP.

We also have new Scotland Yard who are working in all capacities to stop crime. In some cases they try to make laws harsher and so more effective and in others they set up projects to help different police departments to focus on specific crimes and of course guns and knife crime is at the top and most worked on at the moment.

However, the main reason for me writing this is to inform people reading this that it is real and not a media scam of any sort. So if you know anyone who is involved in crime of any sort - mostly gun and knife crime - inform them to STOP  because it always has a bad outcome and some times a terrible.  This is not only on there side but also on their victims.

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