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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Autism - The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism as a child. Here she talks about how her mind works -- sharing her ability to "think in pictures".

This helps her solve problems that neurotypical (we would lazily talk this normal) brains might miss. She makes the case that the world needs people on the autism spectrum: visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, verbal thinkers, and all kinds of smart geeky kids.  Way to go, Temple!

Two Inches To The Right

Poet Mat Lloyd wrote the poem 2 Inches to the Right the morning after he was attacked in his local park. Fortunately he was near to friends and was rescued by them when they saw him being attacked.

He has performed this in his live sets since then. As violence by and among young people continues to rise it is as relevant now as when it was written.

Now, animator and designer Matt Frodsham has made the poem in to a short film. This amazing short really gives you food for thought.

Watch this, get your friends to watch this – and talk about what it means.

If it makes someone think twice before launching in to a mindless attack, job done.

Harmony: The Story of Rock Our World

Five years ago, Southern California public school teacher Carol Anne McGuire, set out to bring a little bit of the world to her students. With music as her universal language, she created Rock Our World, where students from all over the globe, collaborated to build songs in Apple's music authoring program GarageBand. Through the music making process, schools would meet via video chats and learn about one another.

Five years out, she has brought together hundreds of kids from over 60 schools on seven continents. She has partnered with the American Film Institute, NASA and the Discovery Channel in bringing curriculum into the program. Rock Our World has been featured in education speeches at the United Nations. It is an unmitigated success. But it's future is uncertain.

Evolution of a Student

Three years can be a long time in anyone's life but sometimes time goes so quickly you hardly realise that you are a different person at the end of a period of time than you were at the beginning.

This cool animation by the National Union of Students shows how one student, going from student to graduate - and it is pretty funny too.  The aim of the video is to introduce the Graduate Extra card, which is a new lifestyle card that helps you to discover fun, freedom and getting on in life (that's what the video says at least, we can feel a pinch of salt coming on!).

Desopite the hard sell the card does come with its own advantages including discounts, benefits and support from the NUS.  It is certainly something to look in to if you are a graduate.  In the mean time, if you are a student at Lewisham College that means you are probably working your way towards university.  Don't forget to join the NUS - a union protects your rights after all!

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Phantom Beats

An Urban Musical project produced by Lewisham Council, Big Lottery Fund, The Albany Theatre and Point Blank.

This ambitious project successfully combined separate Screenwriting, Music Production, Lyric/Songwriting & Filmmaking courses.

The Screenwriting and Filmmaking courses were facilitated by Simon Drew from Kaspar Films.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Free Ice Creams from Orange!


Feel like an ice cream and live in London? Then you should watch out for the Orange Ice Cream Van, but wait, London is a big place right? It may not come anywhere near you unless you vote for it to come to your neighbourhood!

What you need to do is submit the first part of your postcode through The Feed or on Twitter. You need to head over as soon as you can to @OrangeTheFeed with the hashtag #keepmecool. Click to get to The Feed or either of the pictures to get to the site....wait a second! Let’s take a look at the video – that explains it all really well!

Got that? Of course, the chances of the Orange Ice Cream van visiting your area increases with the more people you let know about it! So, please post this link on to Facebook, let your Twitter friends know, email your buddies and shout it out to the neighbours over the fence!

The Orange Ice Cream van is visiting London on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th August.  As you are reading this on Your Lewisham College that makes it quite likely that you will have received GCSE or other results on Thursday. So, what better treat for you and your friends than a visit from the Orange Ice Cream Van?!

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Know the Not Known - Undiscovered Treasure

Are you a big movie fan?  If so, you probably get tired of people talking about the new block busters as if they are the only films that have been released in any given time. Some of the best cinema, for a  variety of reasons, simply gets overlooked.  Now you have an opportunity to see some of them - and shout about it too! Empire and Tiger beer  (along with the agency Vice) have joined together to bring you some hidden gems in a campaign which is known as Know The Not Known. From a special screening suite in the heart of London's Soho you may well get the opportunity to see some of these Undiscovered Treasures (in fact, that is what this particular project is called. Sounds good? Then read on!

This is where, if you are a true movie buff, you may well start to get excited.  At the screenings you will get the opportunity not only to see the movies but to meet some of the actors and directors who were involved in their creation. If you think that these will be obscure and boring movies, remember that Empire is involved and their reputation alone should convince you that this will be worth seeing.  There is also an associated art project, created by the independent movie company Institute for Eyes - and you will be able to see them. Take a look at the creation of their Know The Not Known installation. made up of the directors, Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull, Institute for Eyes are at the forefront of independant film making in the UK.There is a Facebook page where you can get more involved and learn more about the project.. In addition, why not take a look at another Tiger Beer collaboration - this time with Get Me in the video below.Sponsored Post

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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Linking Lies

A short film made by Lewisham College students about how rumours can get out of hand and how lies can affect a person’s life.

Main Monologues

These monologues are performed by students on the National Diploma Performing Arts at Lewisham College. The course covers various types of theatre, musical theatre and dance, administration and performance history. Students also, as you can see work in front of a camera and take work out on tour.

They additionally take part in a major performance project and have the opportunity to tour a show to local schools. Throughout the course students develop a disciplined approach to performance work and also study key skills in communication and IT. For more information, go to the main college website.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Honda and Channel 4 - Sponsorship with a Difference


You may have noticed that Honda have been sponsoring a lot of Channel 4 documentaries recently. Honda have been showing some of the ways in which people chose to use their various Honda vehicles – and it has been surprising to see the different and unusual ways in which people use their Hondas.

For example, the story of Philippa (pictured above) who keeps Alpacas in the wilds of the English countryside. She uses her Honda ATV to help feed and herd her alpacas. It is like a little bit of the Andes in Oxfordshire and quite a strange sight indeed. Take a look at the video below!

Then there is Adrian who is a sheep farmer and uses his Honda generator to power sheep scanners. When the sheep become pregnant he uses it to tell whether a ewe is in lamb or not. Do you do anything ever so slightly strange with your Honda? They would really like to hear from you! Honda have now set up an online hub where you can see more of Philippa and others who use their Honda vehicles in ways which can only be described as unusual.

Plus if you own a Honda you can share the ways in which you use yours with the world. It is a competition too. If your story is chosen by the W+K creatives who are leading the Honda campaign you could end up on TV just before on of the Channel 4 documentaries! Later in the year you could feature in the upcoming idents for Channel 4 documentaries sponsored by Honda.

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Born To Learn

Have you ever felt bored in class? OK, that may be a stupid question but one thing that you may not have taken fully in to account is the ways in which you learn.

Einstein, for example, became so frustrated with his education that he left school when he was 15 and never came back. Charles Darwin’s teacher said in a report that he would never amount to anything because he spent too much time playing with insects!

Born to Learn is the first animation in a fascinating series aimed to provide easy-access to the exciting new discoveries constantly being made about how humans learn!

Friday, 15 April 2011

What Are Young Men Made Of?

Now that is a good question, isn’t it ladies?  Well, here is an answer – or lots of them for you!  

This short film was made for Old Vic New Voices with Digital Fluid. Words were developed through workshops with various schools in London participating as part of the London's Language's project. 

The result is pretty accurate – but what do you think?

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hormone Detection Machines to be Installed at College

The Hormonatron Version AP-FO, to be installed at the College shortly.

Lewisham College has been chosen by the government to pilot a new spring strategy, the aim of which is to raise student achievement by denying access to the institution those students whose hormone levels are considered too high to successfully participate in a learning environment. It is with some reluctance, therefore, that from 1 April onwards a new security facility will be installed at all entrances to both College Campuses.

The news is broken on Breakfast TV this morning.
The introduction of the world's first Hormone Level Detection System (HLDS) was announced on Breakfast Television this morning. The beginning of April will see the arrival of this new security system at the College. The Hormonatron AP-FO™ (top picture) will be installed to coincide with the start of the month. On arrival, students will present their ID cards to the security guard on duty and this will then be swiped through the Hormonatron for biometric identification purposes.  

The next step of the process is for the student to take one pace in to the Hormonatron itself.

A system of hormone detecting coils (HDCs) will then scan the student in the Hormonatron. Each small HDC measures the level of hormones in a specific part of the body and data from each of the HDCs is collated centrally. If you think of it like an x-ray but for hormones, you are along the right track. The HDCs measure any possible hormone overload within teenage physiology.

While in the Hormonatron, the student will be then required to rotate several times through three hundred and sixty degrees in order to allow the HDCs to scan their whole body.
The level below the knee is exempt from the scan. If the hormone levels are too high then an alarm will register, signifying that the student will not be allowed entry in to the College for that day.

Avril FoulĂ©, the Government Spokesperson from the Department for Raising Teenage Productivity had this to say on TV this morning. “Many students throughout the UK have recently been exhibiting an increased level of interest in the opposite sex and this has led to a variety of incidents in their educational establishments, such as hand holding and kissing which we believe is counter productive to their education.  

As spring arrives it is feared that this trend will only continue. As the examination period begins to loom it is feared that if this behaviour becomes a prolonged activity it will lead to a reduction in examination results. We would like to thank Lewisham College for piloting this important and revolutionary new scheme.”
For afternoon sessions, where students have stayed on the premises during lunch, each class will be visited by a security officer. The students will be scanned using the new Hand-held Hormonatron device, which performs the same function as those located at the entrances.

The Government would like to hear YOUR views on this new system. To register your agreement or disagreement with this project, please CLICK HERE.

Be the Face of Lewisham College

Last year the college used professional models for its summer advertising campaign.

This year the college wants YOU to be the face of Lewisham College.

To help us decide they want you to send a photo of yourself striking an action pose like the ones above (not the same – give them something new!). Also you need to say in at least 50 words why you should represent the College.

There will be three winners who will get a professional photo shoot and prints of the results.

So here’s what you do:

Send us a photo of yourself striking a cool pose.

Write a minimum of 50 words telling us why we should choose you.

You should also include:

  • Your name
  • Your course
  • A contact telephone number

Send everything to:

by Wednesday 20 April

Remember that the end of term is Wednesday 13 April – it might be worth trying to get your entry in by then.

The photo shoot will be on Thursday 5 May – so keep it free, just in case.

Please note: you need to be 16 or over to take part.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Co-operative - Join the Revolution!

Revolution is something that seems to be in the air in 2011 but there is more than one type of revolution and sometimes they last longer than you might imagine! The Co-operative launched its own particular revolution way back in 1844. Those pioneers in the English town of Rochdale started something which grew in to what we know as the Co-operative today – a group which has more than six million members and 5,000 outlets.

That is some revolution, particularly when you think that after all these years it is still going strong! Plus the true aim of the revolution – a system of shops including financial services, pharmacies, travel agencies and funeral homes with a set of truly ethical credentials – has survived and flourished. Not many revolutions can say that! You might have ideas for your own revolution, so why not join the Co-operative’s Facebook page where you can tell the world about it - get involved! Wait, I hear! They wouldn’t be interested in your little ideas? Reconsider that for a second!

You may think that The Co-operative is solely that set of shops with the big sign outside, but you would be wrong. One of the recent projects set up by the Co-operative was Urban Bees. This amazing – not to mention cool – project has seen 20 hives of bees established on the rooftops and in gardens across London. By the end of the year they will have trained and given start-up equipment to more than three hundred people. Looks like the city of London will soon be buzzing even more!

Now that, you may think is a little obscure. So why not tell them about your own ideas, however off the wall you may think the world might consider them? The Co-operative is always keen to start up new projects in any area of the UK. One really great idea would be to train young people in the concept of e-commerce.

Often they only see the large multi-national organisations make money on the internet and they are acclimatised to this – they do not realise that the internet is something that they too can use to create wealth for themselves and their community. It would be great to see courses going on in the Lewisham area devoted to the concept of e-commerce! Have a think and join the revolution!

What sort of projects would you like to see The Co-operative and yourself participating in? Let us know below in the comments section – you never know, it could be the start of your own particular revolution! Get involved

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Your EMA Has Been Stopped

It's official - the EMA gasped its last breath today.  The Labour part had put forward a motion in Parliament to save the Educational Maintenance Allowance, pleading with Education Secretary Michael Gove to rethink his decision to scrap the weekly allowance of up to £30.

Unfortunately, this plea fell on deaf ears.  The motion was defeated by 317 votes to 284 - meaning that the government had a majority of 59.  This is now the end of the arguement - the EMA will be scrapped.  Students in England and Wales will stop receiving an EMA at the end of this academic year.

Many colleges have predicted that the 2011-2012 academic year will see a large drop in applicants in the 16-18 age range as well as significantly higher drop out rates when students realise that they cannot make ends meet and decide to opt out of education.

However, the government is bringing in new legislation which means that no one in the 16-18 bracket will be able to do nothing - they will have to be in work, education or training.  The age of the NIET (Not In Education or Training) is over.

How will the scrapping of the EMA effect your education?  Was it money down the drain or a great idea which should have continued? Let us know in the comment section below.

Image Credit Flickr User Jo Naylor

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Barnaby Raine - Future Prime Minister?

Baranaby Raine will be doing his GCSEs this summer.  However, in between studying he takes time out to deliver the occasional speech.  This one is about the cuts in education spending and the rise in fees that have been introduced by the coalition government.  He talks passionately about how his generation has been politicized and his experiences on the recent demonstrations in the heart of London. 

It is rather reminiscent of the young William Hague making a speech at the Conservative Party Conference many years ago – although it is only the youth that is shared rather than the political convictions.

Is he speaking for you, about you or to you? Comments please!

The Breakfast Club - Lewisham College Student Remake

You might be too young to remember The Breakfast Club in which a group of American teenagers (who are now all in middle age) spend a day of detention with each other. This is the Lewisham College version, created last year by student Aaron Balitskyz.

The film also has Mark Young, who is definitely not part of the college’s Drama Department in a cameo as the teacher in charge of the detention.

If you like part one, then why not go make a coffee, sit back and watch part 2?